Nazi Germany

On History class, we are studying the topic of Nazi Germany. Our assignment consisted on spliting in groups and making presentations about the subdivision of topic each group was asigned. I was part in two different groups: in the first one, Margarita Muller, Ines Galmarini and me had to prepare the presentation about the Persecution of Minorities. We used the tool powtoon and we included information from our history books and the one from Margui’s sister to present this topic. We also added a diary entry, two videos and one quote to expand it a bit more. Meanwhile, in the second group I was part of, Lola Villegas Argento, Maria Roggero and me were assigned to prepare the pressentation about  Opposition towards the Nazi party. We did 3 diary entries explaining the three most important reasons about why there was so little opposition in Germany. I hope you like both presentations!







Kristallnacht: Night Of Broken Glass


The day after Kristallnacht the teacher said:

” Don’t worry about what you see, even if you see some natsy things which you may not understand. Hitler wants a better Germany, a clean Germany. Don’t worry, evrything will work out fine in the end.”

Nazi Treatment of Gypsies




After we attended all the presentations about Nazi Germany, Jeronimo’s father came to our school to talk about that topic, so that we could learn more about the Nazis and their victims. He explained us: the things the Nazis made in the concentration/death camps, how the people lived in the ghettos, what the Nazis did to take all the Jews away from their camps, the final solution, the difference between Holocaust and Shoah and, of course, other things as well. To explain this, he prepared a presentation with many pictures, which were taken when he went to visit those camps. I really like his presentation because I learned lots of new things that I didn’t know before, which are very important to know now a days. It was a very interesting way to learn new things, because the one who explained this to us was a friend’s father and wasn’t a stranger. I hope we’ll have another presentation like this soon!



On Wednesday 28th , we went to “El Museo del Holocausto”. When we arrived, we saw a man’s testimony who survived from the Auschwitz concentration camp. That man told us his life after the final solution, how he had managed to escape from there, and finally, how he had gone to live to Argentina with his two brothers. He told us some anecdotes, for example; the fact that his main desire was to survive each single day; how his friends and him asked for some extra breads to have enough energy to live that day; how one of his friends helped him when he was almost dying, how he came to Argentina and how terrible he felt to know that he survived and his friends didn’t. Afterwards, the woman showed us the whole museum, which was very interesting as well. I like the museum because it’s very easy to understand. I also like the sources it has, for example, the broken glasses from Kristallnacht, the doll dressed up with the victim’s uniforms and the real camp victim’s uniforms. However, I don’t like it that much because I don’t like the things the Nazis did to innocent people and that make me feel very sad and oppressive.

Lenny told us to take pictures of the museum, and afterwards, make a collage. Here it is mine! I hope this collage help you to understand what the museum is like and my feelings towards this topic. 



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