“Rooms” Collage

In our literature class, we read the poem called “Rooms”, written by Charlotte Mew.

Resultado de imagen para poem rooms by charlotte mew

The poem “rooms”, written by Charlotte Mew, describes two double meanings for that place. On the one hand, Charlotte describes rooms, simple rooms. She describes their smell and their noises. “ceaseless maddening sound”, in order to make us see how rooms look like. She talks about rooms in every part of the world, and she also talks about an specific one, a grave. On the other hand, by the repetition of “rooms”, we are not only able to read how she uses it, but we are also able to understand what does it really symbolize. The poet talks about abandoned “rooms”, that symbolize memories. In order to express those feelings, she portrays the fact that memories, rather happy ones or sad ones, die: “Rooms where for good or for ill—things died”, it does not matter if the memory is about love or abandonment, since all of them are going to die in our minds some day. In order to express this, she describes a specific room, a “dustier bed”. By mentioning a grave, Charlotte is able to emphasize her feelings about the fact that every memory is going to die someday, “Out there in the sun—in the rain”, it does not matter when, some day they will.

In this post I made a collage that shows many kinds of rooms: happy ones, abandoned, forgotten, rotten, colorful, etc. I created this to portray Charlotte’s point of view about the fact that rooms are memories, and memories die in our minds. No matter if they are delighted or sorrowful memories, what matters is that, at the end of the day, all of them will disappear, they will die.


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