“The Lady in the looking-glass”

We read the story called “The Lady in the looking-glass”, written by Virginia Woolf. This is a story of a woman that seems to be perfect and to have a perfect life. However, inside her house there is a mirror that framed Isabella’s personality. Through its reflection, we are able to see her true colours, how she really is.

At the end of the story, we found out that she was “perfectly empty”. The mirror is used as a kind of metaphor in which it compares the mirror itself and Isabella as they are very similar. The mirror is an object and so is Isabella. She is just a product of mankind. Isabella has been framed by society ever since she was created, and the mirror too. The mirror in this story it’s a motif that symbolizes what your real personality is and Virginia warns us that we may not like it. The mirror is used to criticize society, as it has been framed by men and Isabella too. Representing women in the 19th Century, Virginia illustrates how thoughtless, careless and feelingless Isabella is and blamed society for it for having created her that way.


After reading the story I prepared the following presentation to express my interpretations of the story.




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