Virginia Woolf Biography

Virginia Woolf

  1. write down important facts about her life
  2. her influence on women writers
  3. the technique she introduced in Literature


  1. She was born on January 25, 1882 in London, England. She died on March 28, 1941 in Lewes, Sussex, England. She was an english novelist, critic, and essayist. Her novels can be described as impressionistic, a literary style which attempts to inspire impressions rather than recreating reality. She studied german, greek and latin at the Ladies Department of King’s College London. She had mood swings and depression: she committed suicide in 1941. She began battling psychological issues right after her two half brothers sexually abused her. These issues worsened when her mother and one of her sisters died and were worsened even more after her father’s death, which led to her first stay in a mental health facility.
  2. Virginia tries to show in her novels that women can be satisfied without the company or the dependence of men. In the majority of her works, she portrays her feminist attitudes so that her ideas can be expressed
  3. In the writing, she masterfully employed the stream of consciousness technique which stresses “free writing”. In literary criticism, stream of consciousness is a narrative mode that seeks to portray an individual’s point of view by giving the written equivalent of the character’s thought processes, either in a loose interior monologue, or in connection to his or her actions.


The Hollow of the Three Hills Trailer

I will start my e-portfolio by presenting an activity I prepeared for the story we read in our literature class called “The Hollow of the Three Hills”, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. I made a trailer about this story as if a movie about it was going to be launched. I hope you like it!

I prepared this trailer with the previous black and white pictures in order to portray how dramatic and gothic the story is. I chose those pictures to prove where it was set, in a hidden hollow between crumbling mountains . To be able to portray that atmosphere of of secrets, horror and misery, I chose a picture to expose the fact that the environment is far from society, dark, at twilight. I also selected several pictures of a woman in order to describe the protagonist’s isolation. Moreover, the picture of the witch is used to state the supernatural event in the story. Furthermore, I chose a picture of her possessing the young lady in order to express the unexplained manifestation that in the story takes place. Finally I decided to include pictures of a couple in order to show the protagonist’s previous life, where she had a husband and a son, with the intention of describe it before something terrible happen!

“Rooms” and “Home is So Sad”

In our literature class, we started reading a poem called “rooms”, written by Charlotte Mew. After reading it, we had to do an activity that consists in two parts. In the first part, we had to answer some questions about the previous poem, while in the second activity, we had to read a poem called “Home is So Sad” and contrast it to “Rooms”  in terms of style, language and form.

Activity 1:

Activity 2:

I did it with Silvestre Braun



AS Short Stories Writers

This year we are starting our preparation for the AS exams. So Pato, our literature teacher, decided to collect information about the authors who wrote the short stories. She divided us into several groups and assigned us two authors for each. We were suppose to investigate their biography so as to learn about their lives, to understand the movement which they belonged to, and their main themes when writing. Here is the presentation which includes all the writers. Enjoy it!


I’m Malala Drawing

In our language class, our teacher told us to draw three events that had taken place in the chapters we read from the book called “I’m Malala”. I did this with Vignesh Anil Manwani

1st Drawing: We drew a women school which has been bombed by the Taliban because it violates the law, as women weren’t allowed to go to school

2nd Drawing: We also drew the first time Malala sees the Taliban. She is very afraid because of their strange look and because of the specific clothing they wear

Third Drawing: The las drawing we did was Shabana’s death. Shabana was a dancer who has been killed at her house by the Taliban, when she was about to dance for them when they knocked at her door.

The Sunny Cloudy Palace

Here is our story for kids! I wrote it with Vignesh Manwani!

The sunny cloudy palace

Once upon a time, two very good friends used to hang out together all day long. They used to have a wonderful breakfast together, to have a perfect day. They would wonder about all morning in the clouds; jumping the rope, playing hide and seek, eating ice cream and many other lovely things as well. When they were together, time wouldn’t seem to pass. When they were together, birds could not stop warbling. When they were together, the world seem to be a paradise.

These two mates were the sun and the moon. They lived in a floating palace surrounded by clouds. They were an amazing couple and a great team. The radiant sun glowed the whole palace during the day, while the moon slept. At the same time, the moon reflected her luminous light during the night, while the sun rested. The two only times they would meet, were during the sunrise and during the sunset. Thought those few minutes may probably not seem enough time, they did not need more, because a glance at each other was enough for their mood to change and be happy.They were very excited all day and all night waiting to their beautiful encounter.

Their relationship was enviable, until one specific day, where their special bond had come to an end. It happened when the stars came between them. At first, they seemed very nice people, but suddenly, they slowly started changing. It appear to be that something had changed in them. Maybe, they were jealous of the relationship the moon and the sun had. So they made a plan. They decided they would tell each other, when they were alone, that the other one was saying bad things of them in a concealed way. For instance; the stars told the sun that the moon had said that he was very arrogant and always wanted to be the one who shined the most. At the same time, they told the moon that the sun had said she was very cold with her, she would never laugh, or joke around.

One morning, the sun was going to meet the moon. They were completely angry with each other. They could barely talk. They actually did not believe the fact that such a good friend had done something as bad as what the stars had told them they had done. Though they did feel hatred, they also felt disappointed about how their relationship had ended. However, the moon was the first one who broke the ice. She asked the sun why he felt she was very cold. The sun was in shock, he didn’t understand what the moon was talking about. She explained how the stars had told her about all of the horrible things he had said about her. The sun was astonished. He denied having said that. He told the moon that she was the one who was saying awful comments about him. The moon refused she said that as well.

After speaking for a while, they came to the conclusion that the stars were creating problems between them. From then onwards, they promised each other they will always believe in them, no matter what anyone else said. They were and will always be true friends and a couple of selfish and jealous stars would never come between them again.