Our language teacher, Pilar Pando, gave us a task. She told us to write a misterious short story based on the extracts of the stories we had already read: “Flying Upside Down” and “The Ehile Town’s Sleeping”  We had to use the same language techniques in order to transmit that fear to the reader. I had done this activity with Silvestre Braun and with Martina Ibarbia. We hope you like it!


It is a gloomy night. It is raining heavily. The house is quiet. No one is inside. The rain speeds all over the wall and the dribble sound is the only one heard. Suddenly, I hear another noise. The door cracking. I don’t know what to do. I am alone! I am desperate! Who is there if I am the only one inside the house? I can not resist it any more! I have to go to investigate what that noise is. God please save me! I know I will regret about my actions, but my curiosity won over my mind. I deserve to know what that noise is though I… I’m scared!