The Development of WW1

World War 1 resumed in one video, showed by Fefi Marty an Sil Braun


Time line 1914: Federika Marty & Silvestre Braun

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Time line 1915: Juana Perez Muñiz & Benjamín Mayol

Time line 1916: Gonzalo CrinitiMartina Ibarbia & Lucas Campion

Time line 1917: Victoria Landolfo &

1918:  Lola Villegas Argento and Ignacio Maestro Malek


Video of the Christmas truce: This is a song of Paul McCartney that talk about the Christmas truce.



Trenches: Jerónimos Leguizamon, Ines Galmarini & María Roggero


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3 y 4

5 y 6

7, 8 y 9

10 y 11

Stereotypes Final Assignment

Our teacher of language, Maria Laura, gave us homework.


  1. Choose a stereotype you feel represents you.
  2. Look for different videos, images, texts and material that will exemplify your point.
  3. Explain why this stereotype represents you or affects you in some way.
  4. Explain who are affected at large.
  5. Explaing where you can see it.
  6. Provide thoughts of your own to erradicate this issue in our society.


  1. A stereotype which I feel represents me is «the typical gril who is a little bit stupid», as my friends say me that and in some part is true.
  2. blonde-jokes This is an example/joke of my stereotype.
  3. This stereotype affect me because although I can’t understad some things eassily, I am not a stupid girl. And If you konw me well, you can understand that this stereotype is false.
  4. My friends are affected because sometimes they can’t keep on helping me to understand things.
  5. This stereotype you can see it in the real life and in movies.
  6. /7. My idea and conclusion is to stop stereostyping people. But that would never happened, because is the only way to have some information before knowing somenoe, so my idea is that, if you are going to make a critic on someone, first, you have to know her/him very well.
  7. stereotypes

Essay Writing – «The Clod & The Pebble» and «Love III»

Essay Writing:

Both poems: “The Clod and the Pebble”, by William Blake and “Love III”, by George Herbert tackle the theme of love in differents forms. In the following essay this idea is going to developed.

The poem “The Clod and the Pebble” deals about love. Love is dealt in different ways. One, which said the clod, our first voice. She said that love is positive and happy. It’s not selfish and it gives you pleasure. To defend this, I found a quote in her speech: ”And builds a heaven in hell’s despair ”, which it means that love makes your life better. On the other hand, the second voice, the pebble, had her own point of view about love. She said that love is negative and selfish.That it makes you feel sad and depressed. To justify it, I have one quote that explains this: “ And builds a hell in heaven’s despite ”, which it means that love ruins our perfect life.

In the second poem, “Love III”, love is written in a secular form. This poem is a conversation between a man and Love (Love symbolizes God). This man thought that he didn’t deserve Love’s (God’s) love, because he committed a sin,“Guilty of dust and sin “, which means that he committed a sin and he was embarrassed of himself. But God said to him that everyone made mistakes, that he forgave him, “You must sit down,» says Love, “and taste my meat.”, which means that you must accept God’s love. Finally, this man accepted God’s love: “ So I did sit and eat. ”.

In conclusion, both poems tackle love in different ways. “The Clod & The Pebble”  has different points of view about love and “Love III” is about love in a secular form.