Vocabulary proyect

With our languaje teacher, Maria Laura Segato, we started learning some vocabulary, new words, and after looking up for definitions and looking for examples of the words we searched for images and created an exercise for our classmates. I did this assignment with Flor Claps. And here is our work. Hope You LIke It 😉

Words: Defeinitions, ways of (smiling, walking or movement) examples and images




Blubbr exercise:

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Essay Writing

Here is the essay which I did it with Francesca Costamagna

Essay Writing:

To what extent is Passion a poem about unrequited love?

In the following essay we are going to analyze to what extent the poem l“Passion” by Kathleen Jessie Raine is about unrequited love. The poems of Kathleen usually represent nature combined with another theme.

On the one hand, the poem represents unrequited love. This love is imperfect, because it is from a man who can’t give the love that a woman needs or wants. From inside, chaos possessed the woman, but from outside she felt the peace of nature “… earth tree possessing what my soul lacked, tranquility”. Up to now two opposite tones, peace and chaos, are presented. Desperate and heartbroken she waited for a phone call that never happened “Through the mute telephone, my body grew weak”. A depressing metaphor that introduced her deadly feelings is “Mortal death”, meaning that her hope for her love call never came. She felt abandoned and hopeless. Kathleen used a hyperbolic tone to express the woman’s sadness, “Homer’s ghosts” totally abandoned by love (allusion).

On the other hand, the poem represents nature love. The woman starts recovering by a personification of the sky (nature). It spoke to her and convinced her that that love was unrequited. Then it said “You have what you deserve”, telling that she already had what she needed (nature). Now nature said “this your nature is”, trying to say that she and nature are one. Nature kept on telling her not to suffer anymore, that life goes on, and not to be afraid of it.

To conclude, in the end, she could see everything clearly. Nature is perfect, immortal and full of passion, nature will never abandon those who love her. And mankind is imperfect, because a man could stop loving you whenever he wanted.

We know that Kathleen Raine was a mystical poet. But we didn’t know that she loved nature and she hated modernity. So this poem expressed her opinions and thoughts.
By: Francesca Costamagna & Juana Pérez Muñiz