War Horse activity

In our language class we had to do an activity based on two sections the individual part and the group part. In the individual work, we had to answered 4 questions. In the group work, we had to do  a quizelet with the words that we didn`t know from  chapters 2 & 7. I did this with Rosario Vago, Lola Argento & Sybilla Correa Perkins.

Individual Work:

  1. This meant that Albert and Joey were friends, and that Joey found a friend for life. They trusted each other. We can show people that we trust them by getting to know them, by helping them, by defending them, by talking to them, by showing them your respect, etc.
  2. The relationship between Joey and Albert was friendly. They trusted each other since Albert helped and defended Joey, while Joey commanded Albert orders. In my opinion, they were more like friends than an animal with his owner. One quote which support  my idea is the following “… I’ll  be out again in the morning – and don’t worry, I’ll look after you. I promised you that. Sweet dreams, Joey”. I chose this quote since it explains the affect and the friendship that Albert and Joey had.
  3. This meant that the soldiers were happy to represent their country in the war. They were excited.
  4. Joey: he was feeling abandoned. He began to cry. He was like a little baby which doesn’t have a family anymore.

Albert: He was desperate, because his friend was going to the army, where almost all the horses died in war.

Albert’s father: He was sad, because he abandoned his son’s best friend.

Captain Nicholls: He understood the situation, he put himself on Albert’s shoes.



Group Work:

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