Poem «The Orange Juice»

After reading the poem «Orange Juice», by Michael Rosen, Dani, our writing & oral teacher told us to do a new poem. The «Orange Juice» poem was about a man whose oranje juice was stolen. So he made a plan and he took revenge of the man who was stealing his juice. Our task was to write a poem from the point of view of the man who was stealing the orange juice. I wrote it with Rosario Segura.


I go to church meetings

on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Where I bring some drinks,

while others some food.

And we eat this meal,

in the afternoon.


I don’t have enough money

to buy those drinks,

so I nick them

from the building that is next to me.


So I go to the meeting

and I share it with my friends,

we are all very happy

until that day.


I took a carton of orange juice

from the people at Number 11,

as I usually do,

but when my partners drank it,

they threw up all over the room.

Splash! Yuk!


That was the moment

when I realized,

that stealing something

was very bad.


The people at Number 11

were paying the juice

which I was drinkg.

Oh! Oh!


I felt very sorry

for the next few weeks,

so I decided to give them

an amazing gift.


Next Monday I’m goin to Number 11

and I’ll give them ten cartons of orange juice

Ha Ha…

But first I am going to make a change,

instead of juice,

there will be snakes.

Oh Yeah!


After writing our poem, we had to record it!

My own voice thread:

An Inspector Calls

Pato, our literature teacher, gave us a task. We have to make a mindmap showing Eva Smith’s relation with all the characters of the story.



Moreover, we have to answer some questions from the act 2


  • 1. What is the mood at the dining room at the start of act 2?

The mood at the dining room at the beginig of act 2 is tense. Since they were talking about Gerald’s relationship with Daisy Renton (Eva Smith), and they were unaccompanied since the inspector had left them alone to discuss their problem. Here the mood became to «stress»/more tense, since they were going to get married and Sheila discovered that Gerald had been cheating her with another woman.

  • 2. Why do Gerald and Sheila react “bitterly” to each other? (bitterly=disappointment // angry but sad)

They acted this way because Gerald cheated on Sheila with Daisy Renton (Eva Smith) in the summer.

  • 6. How does Mrs Birling re-enter the dinning-room? Why does Sheila warn her?

Mrs Birling re-enters the room with a lot of confidence. She believes that the Inspector was going to lose time asking questions to her. We say this because Mrs Birling says “I am Mrs Birling you know. (….) we’ll be glad to tell you anything you want to know, I don’t think we can help you much…”. This quote proves that Mrs Birling is self-assured that she she is not involved in the case. However, Sheila tries to warn her she is, since Sheila could read the inspector very well. Sheila knows that the Inspector knew something about her mother in connection with Eva Smith. 

  • 7. What is Mrs Birling’s attitude to Eva Smith?

Mrs. Birling’s attitude towards Eva Smith wasn’t acceptable. Since Eva came to an organization, which help specific people, and asked for financial assistance. Mrs. Birling, who is a very important member of it, used her power for the wrong. She convenced the Committee to not help this girl, because she said her name was «Mrs. Birling». Also she said that the father of the baby is the one who almoust have all the blame and he should help the woman, he was the only one who was guilty. 

  • 19. How does the Inspector’s attitude start to change?

(in process)

  • 20. What makes Sheila suddenly aware of Eric’s involvement?

Sheila is aware of Eric’s involvement when she puts all the pieces together. As we can see, Sheila was the first who could understand the real situation and she was the onlyone. After listening the story of her mother she started to think who the father might be. She thought, Eva said this guy was a drunk and a young man who did’t have a job, she came to the organization as Mrs. Birling, and the inspector insisted that he wanted to talk with Eric. So she made a conclusion, all these things helped Sheila to realize Eric’s involvement.

  • 21. Why does Mrs Birling react in a “frightened” way?

She reacts in that way because of two main reasons. First, because she doesn’t believe his son was able to do such a thing. She doesn’t want to accept reality.“I don’t believe it, I won’t believe it” This quote express the feelings Mrs Birling had when she realized that her son was the father of the child of that innocent girl who suffered a lot as a result of Birling  family’s actions. Secondly, because she had blamed that unknown father the hole act and when she conclud that she was talking about her own son, she was totally regret. 

  • 22. What is the mood at the dining-room as Eric re-enters?

Everyone in the dining-room are in shock when Eric re-enters, because they started thinking the same way as Sheila.



Top 5 Booktubers

Dani, our oral & writing teacher, gave us a task. She told us to see 5 booktubes. After that, we have to choose 3 of them and write a comment. Here there are the 3 booktubes I chose with my own opionion of them.

1st booktube: 

I really enjoy his booktube, it is very clear to understand and it is well organized. He talks about the book called «The Hunger Games« and he discusses the extreme inequality of society. I think he talks excessively fluently and sometimes that makes me get confuse and therefore get lost. However, I really like the way he expresses his ideas and the energy he gives to show them. His personality is awesome.


2nd Booktube:

I enjoy this bootube too. It is clear, well organized, both girls have a good pronounciation and an excelent volume of voice. The girls talk about their top 5 least fave books. Although, I personally don’t like people who criticize books, I find this video very interesting and funny.

3rd Booktube:

I adore this booktube since she expresses her ideas towards books by singing a song! I really like the song which she invented. She is constantly saying that boys in books are better than boys in real life. I don’t agree with that, but the song is about her personal feelings, so it could be possible. Moreover she has an admirable pronounciation and she sings very well. Finally, I want to add that she make some funny faces while she is «acting» the song.


Telemaco en Twitter

En nuestra hora de lengua, nuestra profesora Cami Aliberti, nos dio como consigna  preparar una cuenta de Twitter para Telémaco, y realizar al menos 3 publicaciones relacionadas con los episodios del libro leídos hasta el momento. Este muy divertido trabajo lo hice con Lola Villegas Argento, Victoria Landolfo e Ines Galmarini.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Telemaco_el


«An Inspector Calls» questions

Today, in our literature class, my group and me answered the questions (15 to 20) from the book «An Inspector Calls». My group are Sybilla Correa Perkins, Elena Persic, Flor Claps and me. Here is our poster and the ones of my classmates!

Questions 1 to 5 Martina Ibarbia, Rosario Vago & Rosario Segura


Questions 3 to 7 Federika Marty & Silvestre Braun


Questions 6 to 10 Victoria Landolfo, Lola Argento & Ines Galmarini


Questions 12 to 17 María Roggero, Milagros Montanelli & Margarita Muller

12-17 (part 1)12-17 (part 2)

Questions 15 to 20 My group

A New Design

Questions 19 to 23 Ignacio Maestro, Benjaím Mayol, Jerónimo Leguizamon & Santiago Blasco


Questions 24 to 27 Fransisco Lusso & Otto Kreutser