Top 5 Booktubers

Dani, our oral & writing teacher, gave us a task. She told us to see 5 booktubes. After that, we have to choose 3 of them and write a comment. Here there are the 3 booktubes I chose with my own opionion of them.

1st booktube: 

I really enjoy his booktube, it is very clear to understand and it is well organized. He talks about the book called The Hunger Games and he discusses the extreme inequality of society. I think he talks excessively fluently and sometimes that makes me get confuse and therefore get lost. However, I really like the way he expresses his ideas and the energy he gives to show them. His personality is awesome.


2nd Booktube:

I enjoy this bootube too. It is clear, well organized, both girls have a good pronounciation and an excelent volume of voice. The girls talk about their top 5 least fave books. Although, I personally don’t like people who criticize books, I find this video very interesting and funny.

3rd Booktube:

I adore this booktube since she expresses her ideas towards books by singing a song! I really like the song which she invented. She is constantly saying that boys in books are better than boys in real life. I don’t agree with that, but the song is about her personal feelings, so it could be possible. Moreover she has an admirable pronounciation and she sings very well. Finally, I want to add that she make some funny faces while she is “acting” the song.


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