Dumb Martian

Our language teacher, Pilar Pando, gave us a task. The activity consisted in answering a set of questions of the short story «Dumb martian». Here are the questions and below them, my answers.




  • 1) The attitude in the society about buying female martians seemed to be very racist since only women were sold. Also, after reading the story, we can understand that this society practiced slavery and discriminate other people.


  • 2) At the begging of the story Weaver is going to Jupiter IV/II, Jupiter’s second largest moon which goes round Jupiter’s fourth largest moon. He is going there for 5 years. His appointment was as Station Officer.


  • 3) Lellie was a martian. She was very small and was hardly more than one and a half meters tall. Her eyes were unnaturally round and large so that she always looked innocence and surprise, stupid (dumb). Her arms, legs and shoulders were slight but her chest was very big compared with an Earth – woman’s. Her years were long and her hair brown touched with red. Her skin was very pale.


  • 4) We can understand that Lellie is a possesion of Duncan by the way she is  treated. This quote explains how he mistreated her, «You need to be punished more often, then you’ll do as I ask». Meaning, she is like an object for him. She must do what he said, otherwise she’ll be hit.


  • 5) When Duncan taught Lellie how to play chess, she started beating him. So he justified he was loosing the game because his mind was different from the one that it was required,  «He decided that he did not have the right kind of mind for the game», meaning he was not inferior to play it, but his way of thinking was different. He tried to think he was intelligent but seeing Lellie, a «dumb martian», defeating him, made him going mad.


  • 6) The part in which Weaver is verbal and physical abuse at it’s wort is after Lellie won him playing a difficult game of cards. He was angry because he hated Jupiter and also everything Lellie did annoyed him, specially because she could accept the problems of her life better than he could, just because she was a «dumb martian». So the fact that he was always and only seeing Lellie, the martian with not expressions at all, made him going mad. He wanted Lellie to make a smile but when he forced her to do it, she rejected by saying «No, my face is not rubber like an Earth face». And when Weaver was trying to attack her, Lellie put her hands up to protect her face and protested «No, no … no». For me, this is very important because I think Lellie won a little of respect there and showed she was brave and clever since she could understand the situation and protected herself at the same time.


  • 7) Weaver described Alan as «Snoozy, ritzy and snazzy». This type of language is new so I am going to put the definitions here.

Snoozy: a person who is always looking sleepy or bored or tired and is very quiet but has a completely different inside personality with girls

Ritzy: Elegant

Snazzy: To be well dressed, have really stylish clothes on and generally look good

After knowing the meaning of those words, we can understand how different Alan and Weaver were. On the one hand, Alan was a polite, kind, hard-working and well dressed. While, on the other hand, Weaver was aggressive, a bully, abusive, selfish, lazy and mean.

  • 8) Lellie’s quotation about female emancipation makes Weaver felt so angry because he started a fight with Alan. They were fighting about the fact that Lellie should or shouldn’t be treated like an intelligent Earth – woman. I mean, Lellie was learning new things that Weaver hadn’t taught her before. That made him felt angry because that would complicate the fact that he was not going to be able to control Lellie anymore. Because she was taught how she really must be treated.


  • 9) I don’t agree with the phrase «she was a dumb mart». Maybe she seemed to be dumb, but obviously she was not. At the end of the story she proved she was really smart, since she waited for the exact moment to «attack»  Weaver. Also the agent told Duncan an important fact about martians, however, as he was the real dumb, he didn’t take it in account, «Don’t forget that they were a very clever race once». As I have just write, I think that the dumb one was not Lellie, it was Duncan in fact.


  • 10) In my opinion, the message of this story is that we don’t have to judge people over their appearance. We do not have to stereotype, because Duncan thought Lellie was a dumb martian, but at the end, she proved she wasn’t. Duncan was the one prejudiced for stereotyping. So we don’t have to stereotype, because at the end, the ones who were stereotyped, are going to surprise us. I personally believed that now a days, people do stereotype other people. That is not fair because you are judging people you don’t know, before hand. So we must avoid that.

Lucie Aubrac

In our writing and oral subject, we searched in different groups information of one character that had an important role during WW2. Then we did a presentation of this character. I did my presentation about Lucie Aubrac, with Sybilla Correa Perkins and Martina Ibarbia. Hope you like it!


Dumb Martian

In our Language class, we started reading a short story called «Dumb Martian». Pilar, our teacher, chose some students to prepare a presentation about the analysis of the story. I did the following presentation with Rosario Vago, Rosario Segura, Gonzalo Criniti, Silvestre Braun and Lola Villegas Argento. In the analysis we wrote the plot of the story, the characters, the theme, the tone, the setting, the irony of the title, the atmosphere, the message, the point of view and the vocabulary. Also, Pilar told us to prepare the presentation on a specific program, which was, classtools (movie text). Hope you like it!


Movie Text:

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Today in the afternoon, we had a meeting with teens from the USA. We had to exchange our culture, different hobbies, favorite subjects and other things.


What we have in common with them is that we enjoy playing sports like soccer, that we like watching netflix and we both like to eat candies.

What called our attention was that they can have their driver’s license when they are 16, while we can have it when we are 17. Another thing was that they have their parties until 12 or 1am, maximum 4 (depending on your age), but we end them at 6 or even more. Also, that they can’t go to their houses during lunch while they are in school. Moreover, the fact that everything there is extremely more cheaper than here, from cloth to phones. Finally, they have proms and to ask their dates they do proposals to them.

We think that this activity helps us to understand the US culture through a point of kids that are 16-17 years old, almost the age of us.


By: Maria Roggero & Juana Perez Muniz


Viajes: El Encuentro Con El Otro

En nuestra clase de lengua empezamos a ver el tema nuevo de estre trimestre: el encuentro con el otro y por supuesto, viajes. Por eso, con nuestra profesora Cami Aliberti, decidimos hacer un cuento sobre un viaje, en el que explicabamos nuestra llegada a un  lugar único y nuestro encuentro con algun ser o criatura mágica. [ Consigna ]


Y lo logré. Finalmente llegué al lugar el cual estuve esperando tanto tiempo. Nueve años de terroríficas navegaciones para llegar allí, al mejor lugar de todo el mundo. Pues voy a tratar de describirlo, pero no va a ser muy fácil, porque esto, es algo jamás antes visto. Es muy distinto a todo lo existente, por eso, es especial y único.

Según un par de aventureros y científicos aquel lugar es mágico. Nunca cambia la estación climática. Nunca hace ni mucho frío ni mucho calor, siempre esta cálido. Así se puede disfrutar del ardiente sol, el cual está reflejado debajo de una laguna que contiene aguas cristalinas. El clima también es tropical y nunca hay nubes. Solo hay una leve brisa que te refresca lo suficiente como para no estar sofocada por el luminoso sol. Aquí los árboles son más delgados, mas altos, y tanto ellos como el pasto son de color purpura. Sin embargo, no por todo lo que les acabo de comunicar, este lugar es mágico. Es mágico porque debajo de la laguna hay una comunidad de mágicas criaturas, que trabajan con mucho esfuerzo para lograr ese bellísimo paraíso. Pues su reina es muy inteligente y desde hace muchos años ya vienen trabajando con una esplendida organización: con el polen de las flores púrpuras crean polvo mágico, el cual debe estar posicionado de una determinada posición para mantener mágico aquel sitio. Este misterioso polvo los convierte en lo que son, y sin él, aquel lugar sería horriblemente distinto.

Entonces decidí a verlo todo. A ver todo lo que mis compañeros me dijeron de este maravilloso lugar. No obstante, cuando lo vi, me desilusioné. Pues el lugar el cual yo creí haber llegado, no era aquel de las bellísimas descripciones. No era perfecto, ni asombroso, ni mucho menos habitable. Tuve que pasar por un enorme y escalofriante puente de raíces de árboles que ya casi se derrubaba de lo viejo que estaba. Y cuando terminé de cruzarlo, vi un horrible sitio cubierto por nieblas en cada insignificante rincón. No podía ver mucho porque ya había oscurecido, pero la pálida luna me reubico a poder ver el nuevo lugar. Apenas di dos pasos, escuché como la raíz que estaba pisando crujía y sintiendo todo el viento en mi cara, caí. Una especie de tobogán de horripilantes ramas y raíces de árboles me llevó hasta encontrare con un lago. Un lago completamente congelado. Al pararme, no me sentía sola. Supe que alguien estaba mirando cada mínimo movimiento que hacía. En un momento, vi una sombra y lo encontré. Estaba al lado del árbol, detrás de unos pequeños arbustos. Era una criatura mágica.

Entonces le dije que no tema de mi, pues que yo solamente había venido a visitar y explorar unas tierras mágicas, pero le conté que iba a partir de inmediato, porque aparentemente había llegado al lugar equivocado. Luego él me dijo, que no me había equivocado de lugar. Que estaba exactamente en el lugar que estaba buscando. Por lo tanto, me tomé unos minutos para reflexionar. Me di cuenta que aquel duende estaba en lo cierto. Empezamos a hablar, y nos hicimos amigos. Me contó muchísimas otras cosas de esa esplendida localidad. Como que tienen minis unicornios y que hay unos peces violetas que pueden hablar. Pero lo más importante fue que me dijo que un caballito de mar se había robado todo el polvo mágico del lugar y que por eso el territorio había quedado tan deprimente.

Por consiguiente, decidí ayudarlos. Al día siguiente, fui a la casa de aquel loco caballito de mar y me dijo que la razón la cual él había robado el polvo era solamente porque era mágico. Por eso, lo convencí de que me lo devolviera y que a cambio le daba una bolsa llena de frutos mágicos, que cada uno cumplía un deseo. Finalmente, al tener el polvo mágico devuelta en su posición exacta, el sitio empezó a volver mágicamente tal cual como estaba en un principio. Y ahora sí, pude verlo todo con mis propios ojos. Y a partir de ahora seré yo la que cuente maravillosas y divertidas historias de este estupendo y no aquellos aventureros y científicos. Pues lo que te acabo de contar, nadie lo sabe, todavía…

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