I’m Malala Drawing

In our language class, our teacher told us to draw three events that had taken place in the chapters we read from the book called «I’m Malala». I did this with Vignesh Anil Manwani

1st Drawing: We drew a women school which has been bombed by the Taliban because it violates the law, as women weren’t allowed to go to school

2nd Drawing: We also drew the first time Malala sees the Taliban. She is very afraid because of their strange look and because of the specific clothing they wear

Third Drawing: The las drawing we did was Shabana’s death. Shabana was a dancer who has been killed at her house by the Taliban, when she was about to dance for them when they knocked at her door.

La Organización del Estado Argentino

En nuestra clase de formación ética y ciudadana realizamos un trabajo práctico de a grupos de a tres. Las consignas estaban dadas en el blog de nuestra profesora, María Laura. Hice mi trabajo con Margarita Muller y Milagros Mendes.

Trabajo Práctico de Formación Ética y Ciudadana (1)


Respuesta 5: La foto del trabajo