Ode of Melancholy photo album

We read a poem called «Ode of Melancholy», in our literature class, written by John Keats. Through a sorrowful and dreadful theme, Keats is able to outline how to embrace melancholy and depression and how to make the most of it. For this e-portfolio, I decided to include some quotes that, in my opinion, deal with the same message Keats expresses. I found more interesting to add a picture to each quote, with pictures I took! According to the speaker, melancholy and sadness are part of the natural human range of emotion, and in order to really experience joy, we have to allow ourselves to experience sorrow as well.

I also connect this poem with something personal that happened to me. We read this poem after we have gone to our spiritual retreat. There I understood something new that actually is very similar with what Keats tells us. I understood we need to fully understand and accept melancholy to be able to enjoy the positive aspects of life. Because without experimenting melancholy, we are not able to feel and understand joy. We wouldn’t be greatful and happy of the good things if we are not able to see the difference between the positive and the negative aspects of life. And we can only understand that difference by living it, by feeling sadness and sorrow. In the spiritual retreat I was able to accept melancholy, to see the difference. Something that is not easy, but worthy, in order to be happy and feel love.

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