Bye… for now ;)

This year, in my literature class, I learnt a lot of poems I didn’t know. Since some of them were about wars or melancholy, I thought they were going to be horrible and dreadful. I thought I was going to hate them and that they were going to be really boring. However, to my surprise, I found out new things. I learnt how war can be connected with poetry and how lovely the outcome can be. I understood how horrible things can be used to create beautiful ones. Like for example, how an event of war where a soldier was dying can be transformed into a wonderful poem. Or how amazing and breathtaking can be the point of view where melancholy is seen as something positive. Throughout this year, I don’t only learn how lovely poems can be, but I also understood how to apply them into my life. I can now see the positive aspects of life and I can appreciate it. I can be grateful, because I see the world with new eyes. The spiritual retreat greatly contributed this change.


I think that my favorite poem is “Ode of Melancholy”, because it helped me understand better the world, the events and life. My favorite story I think it would be “The Lady in the Looking Glass” due to the fact it showed me the person I would not like to be. It reminded me the fact that I shouldn’t be a fake person. How I should not show fake aspects of me, because that would make my personality empty. It touched me how I should be the person I am, my true essence, in order to make people value me.


My favorite activity was the e- portfolio because I found it really interesting to add comments and ideas to the topics we were seeing in class. I found it really fun to make collages, videos, songs and presentations because it gave me the opportunity to analyze poetry in another way, through a new perspective. What I didn’t like very much was to analyze the poems and stories on our own, because there I didn’t have the possibility to discuss some aspects or share others of the poetry. I think the system we have done was the best way to learn. I really enjoy having the e-portfolio so open, unrestricted and unlimited because we were allowed to explore our imagination and create poetry, art.

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  1. Thanks for your self-reflection!!
    I don´t think you don´t like analysing poems on your own….the thing is you do not trust your own analysis and you prefer me to tell you what poems or stories mean….
    I can guide you but you have matured enough to analyse texts yourself and to express what you believe and this portfolio is true evidence for this!!

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