Respiratory System

Today our biology teacher, Male, told us to answer the followings questions about the respiratory system. I did this with Rosario Vago and Silvestre Braun.


  1. Look for a picture that shows the structure of the respiratory system.

2. Use a flow chart to show the pathway of air along the respiratory tract. 

Nose → Larynxs → Trachea → Bronchi → Bronchioles → Alveoli

3. Breathing movement: search a video which shows the structures involved in breathing. 

Classification – answers from ch. 1

In our biology class, we started to read the first chapter which is called «Clasification». After reading it, we had to answer the end of the chapter questions in pairs. I did it with Sybilla Correa Perkins.


  • 1) A. Without looking back at the beginning of this chapter, decide which FIVE of these characteristics are found in all living things…

. Movement // Growth // Nutrition // Sensitivity // Excrestion

B. List the other two characteristics of all living organisims

respiration & reproduction

  • 2) Three species of tree have the following binomials: