Name Chain

In our first class of writing & oral, we played a game with our teacher, Dani Barra. First, Dani wrote her name in the blackboard » D A N I E L A». Then, she said something she likes or something she is good at and the student who is identified has to go to the blackboard, write his / her name and say why he / she felt identified with the thing that Dani has just said. Finally, he  has to say something he likes, and so on so far.

In my opinion, I like these game since I love playing and having fun with my friends. The objective of the game was to know more things about our friends and I learned new things of them which I didn’t know before. For example, now I know that my friend Santiago has a dog and that my friend  Flor like dancing.

When all our names were finally written in the blackboard, they made up a crossword.

Never Stop on The Motorway

Today, in our writing & oral period, we read a short story called «Never Stop On The Motorway», by  Jeffrey Archer.  Here I’m going to put my summary of the story. 


Diana, a busy single mother, left her job and went to her friend’s countryside, Daniel. While she was driving, she killed a cat, so she put it on a ditch. After that, she realized that a van was following her. On the road, she saw a sign which stated the details of a murderer who rapted a woman.  When Diana arrived Daniel’s farm, she ordered him to get a gun because someone was following her. The youth told them that the murderer was inside Diana’s trunk. And when they opened it, they saw a man with a knife.


Pilar gave us a task. It consisted in puting the definition, an example and a picture of the words chosen by her in the book. I made this task with Margarita Muller. The words were the followings…