An Inspector Calls characters

In literature class we had to create a post in our blog finding evidence about An Inspector Calls  and quotations for our characters descriptions. Here is my work with Sybilla Correa Perkins and Ines Galmarini.


Arthur Birling:

– Tries to impress the inspector with his social status and fails.

– He is proud that he is going to be knighted. He thinks he is “Absolutely First Class”.

– He claims its one of the best nights of his life because the marriage between Gerald and Sheila will improve his business.

– He is extremely selfish, ” A man has to make his own way”, he also thinks that firing Eva Smith wasn’t a bad thing. The only thing he is worried abut is his and his family’s reputation, he doesnt learn the lesson.


Mr Sybill Birling

– Mr Sybil was a very cold woman and a snob, who cared a lot about social classes.

-She really dislikes the inspector and she even lies to him.

– She sees Sheila and Eric as children, and tries to hide their issues, like his drinking and her marriage problems.

– She admits to have judged Eva Smith before even talking to her and she saw it as her duty not to help her. She only sees people as their social class and not how they truly are.

-Mrs Sybil, like her husband still doesn’t see anything wrong in her actions and doesn’t accept the major responsability she has.  “then he’d be entirely responsible – because the girl wouldn’t have come to us, an have been refused to assistance, if it hadn’t been for him”. She blames it on other people.


Eric Birling

– Eric is an akward character, with a tense realationship with his father. He is also a hard drinker.

-He supports workers like Sheila he feels that they should have better a lifestyle, “Why shouldnt they try for higher wages” he cares more about the people that their money. When he retells the story of Eva Smith he is very guilty, frustrated and he can’t believe he did such stupid thing, he says ” Oh – My God! How stupid it all is”. He actually has a sense of responsibility and he is appalled that his parents don’t.



– In the beginning of the book she is described as no more than a pretty face but when the inspector arrives we discover that she is not as naive and shallow as we think she is.

– She immediately shows her compassion for Eva Smith, she is full of guilt  and she blames herself as “really responsable” and starts to change.

-She catches up on what the inspector is saying very rapidly, she is the first one to know that Eric is the one who got Eva pregnant. She tells her mother to “Stop, Stop! ” just as the inspector starts, so she picks the information quickly. She is also the first one to suspect that the inspector isnt real.

– When Gerald admits that he cheated on her she doesn’t get angry she acts very mature. She is a developing character because she gets smarter and matures by the end of the story.

– She is also surprised with her parents behavior,” If it didn’t end traggically, lucky for us but it might have had”  she reminds them that even if it didn’t happen is still thought them a lesson.


Eva Smith

-Her parents were dead, she was in the working class and she came from outside brumley

-The Inspector says she kept a secret diary that made him understand and know about the last two years of her life.

-In act 3 the family starts to wonder if Eva Smith was real. “We’ve no proof it was the same photograph and therefore no proof it was the same girl”. Yet the final phone call, announcing that a police inspector is shortly to arrive at the Birlings’ house to investigate the suicide of a young girl, makes us realise that maybe Eva Smith did exist after all.

-Eva Smith could represent every woman of her class.


Inspector Goole

-He works very systematically; he likes to deal with “one person and one line to enquiry at a time”. His method is to confront a suspect with a piece of information and then make them talk.

-He is a figure of authority. He deals with each member of the family very firmly. He cuts through Mrs Birling’s obstructiveness.

-He seems to know and understand everything.

-He knows the history of Eva Smith and the Birlings’ involvement in it, even though she died only hours ago.

-He knows things are going to happen.

-He is obviously in a great hurry towards the end of the play. Does he knows that the real inspector is shortly going to arrive?

-His final speech is like a sermon or a politician’s. “We are responsible for eachother”, “fire and blood and anguish” that will result if they do not pay attention to what he has taught them.

-All the mystery suggests that the Inspector is not a ‘real’ person.


– He is an aristot his family is not over impressed by Gerald’s engagement to Sheila since the Crofts wanted more money and the Birlings wanted a nobility title
– He is not as willing as Sheila to admit his part in the girl’s death.
– He did have some genuine feeling for Daisy
– He tries to prove that “that man was not a police officer” so that the family can forgive and forget. He seems to throw his energy into “protecting” himself rather than “changing” himself (unlike Sheila)
– At the end of the play, he has not changed. Also, Sheila is unsure whether to take the back of the engagement ring.

An Inspector Calls

Pato, our literature teacher, gave us a task. We have to make a mindmap showing Eva Smith’s relation with all the characters of the story.



Moreover, we have to answer some questions from the act 2


  • 1. What is the mood at the dining room at the start of act 2?

The mood at the dining room at the beginig of act 2 is tense. Since they were talking about Gerald’s relationship with Daisy Renton (Eva Smith), and they were unaccompanied since the inspector had left them alone to discuss their problem. Here the mood became to «stress»/more tense, since they were going to get married and Sheila discovered that Gerald had been cheating her with another woman.

  • 2. Why do Gerald and Sheila react “bitterly” to each other? (bitterly=disappointment // angry but sad)

They acted this way because Gerald cheated on Sheila with Daisy Renton (Eva Smith) in the summer.

  • 6. How does Mrs Birling re-enter the dinning-room? Why does Sheila warn her?

Mrs Birling re-enters the room with a lot of confidence. She believes that the Inspector was going to lose time asking questions to her. We say this because Mrs Birling says “I am Mrs Birling you know. (….) we’ll be glad to tell you anything you want to know, I don’t think we can help you much…”. This quote proves that Mrs Birling is self-assured that she she is not involved in the case. However, Sheila tries to warn her she is, since Sheila could read the inspector very well. Sheila knows that the Inspector knew something about her mother in connection with Eva Smith. 

  • 7. What is Mrs Birling’s attitude to Eva Smith?

Mrs. Birling’s attitude towards Eva Smith wasn’t acceptable. Since Eva came to an organization, which help specific people, and asked for financial assistance. Mrs. Birling, who is a very important member of it, used her power for the wrong. She convenced the Committee to not help this girl, because she said her name was «Mrs. Birling». Also she said that the father of the baby is the one who almoust have all the blame and he should help the woman, he was the only one who was guilty. 

  • 19. How does the Inspector’s attitude start to change?

(in process)

  • 20. What makes Sheila suddenly aware of Eric’s involvement?

Sheila is aware of Eric’s involvement when she puts all the pieces together. As we can see, Sheila was the first who could understand the real situation and she was the onlyone. After listening the story of her mother she started to think who the father might be. She thought, Eva said this guy was a drunk and a young man who did’t have a job, she came to the organization as Mrs. Birling, and the inspector insisted that he wanted to talk with Eric. So she made a conclusion, all these things helped Sheila to realize Eric’s involvement.

  • 21. Why does Mrs Birling react in a “frightened” way?

She reacts in that way because of two main reasons. First, because she doesn’t believe his son was able to do such a thing. She doesn’t want to accept reality.“I don’t believe it, I won’t believe it” This quote express the feelings Mrs Birling had when she realized that her son was the father of the child of that innocent girl who suffered a lot as a result of Birling  family’s actions. Secondly, because she had blamed that unknown father the hole act and when she conclud that she was talking about her own son, she was totally regret. 

  • 22. What is the mood at the dining-room as Eric re-enters?

Everyone in the dining-room are in shock when Eric re-enters, because they started thinking the same way as Sheila.



«An Inspector Calls» questions

Today, in our literature class, my group and me answered the questions (15 to 20) from the book «An Inspector Calls». My group are Sybilla Correa Perkins, Elena Persic, Flor Claps and me. Here is our poster and the ones of my classmates!

Questions 1 to 5 Martina Ibarbia, Rosario Vago & Rosario Segura


Questions 3 to 7 Federika Marty & Silvestre Braun


Questions 6 to 10 Victoria Landolfo, Lola Argento & Ines Galmarini


Questions 12 to 17 María Roggero, Milagros Montanelli & Margarita Muller

12-17 (part 1)12-17 (part 2)

Questions 15 to 20 My group

A New Design

Questions 19 to 23 Ignacio Maestro, Benjaím Mayol, Jerónimo Leguizamon & Santiago Blasco


Questions 24 to 27 Fransisco Lusso & Otto Kreutser



«An Inspector Calls» by J.B. Priestly

In our literature class, we are reading a play called «An Inspector Calls» by J.B. Priestly. Our homework was to write the description of the people who where in the book.

Names Descriptions:

Mr. Arthur Birling: (Father)

  • Interested on money, he was a business man
  • He fired Eva Smith from his company, since she was one of the 5 people who started a strike wishing a better salary

Mrs. Sybil Birling: (Mother)

Sheila Birling: (Daughter)

  • Compared the same thought with Eric about the trouble with Alton and Eva Smith

Eric Birling: (Son)

  • He likes drinking

Gerald Croft: (Sheila’s future husband)

  • Sheila’s and Gerald’s «love» was a little bit an arrangement, since Gerald form part of the upper class (like the Birlings), so if they were married, Mr. Arthur was going to have more money.

Inspector Goole

  • Very Ironic

Eva Smith

  • She committed suicide

2 years before…

  • She worked in Mr. Birling’s company
  • She was fired since she was one of the 5 persons who started a strike asking for more money
  • She live 2 months in a very bad situation (with out a job) and no one could help her since she didn’t have parents (they had died), she didn’t have many friends, etc.
  • She change her name
  • She was lucky, she found a job in a clothing shop were the higher classes buy cloth (where Sheila goes)
  • She was fired since one consumer (Sheila) complained