Lucie Aubrac

In our writing and oral subject, we searched in different groups information of one character that had an important role during WW2. Then we did a presentation of this character. I did my presentation about Lucie Aubrac, with Sybilla Correa Perkins and Martina Ibarbia. Hope you like it!


Poem «The Orange Juice»

After reading the poem «Orange Juice», by Michael Rosen, Dani, our writing & oral teacher told us to do a new poem. The «Orange Juice» poem was about a man whose oranje juice was stolen. So he made a plan and he took revenge of the man who was stealing his juice. Our task was to write a poem from the point of view of the man who was stealing the orange juice. I wrote it with Rosario Segura.


I go to church meetings

on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Where I bring some drinks,

while others some food.

And we eat this meal,

in the afternoon.


I don’t have enough money

to buy those drinks,

so I nick them

from the building that is next to me.


So I go to the meeting

and I share it with my friends,

we are all very happy

until that day.


I took a carton of orange juice

from the people at Number 11,

as I usually do,

but when my partners drank it,

they threw up all over the room.

Splash! Yuk!


That was the moment

when I realized,

that stealing something

was very bad.


The people at Number 11

were paying the juice

which I was drinkg.

Oh! Oh!


I felt very sorry

for the next few weeks,

so I decided to give them

an amazing gift.


Next Monday I’m goin to Number 11

and I’ll give them ten cartons of orange juice

Ha Ha…

But first I am going to make a change,

instead of juice,

there will be snakes.

Oh Yeah!


After writing our poem, we had to record it!

My own voice thread:

My Favourite Holiday Photo

Our Writing&Oral teacher, Dani Barra, gave us a task. We have to chose our favourite photo from our last summer and made a presentation and a writing based on a guide of questions. Here is my homework!






Name Chain

In our first class of writing & oral, we played a game with our teacher, Dani Barra. First, Dani wrote her name in the blackboard » D A N I E L A». Then, she said something she likes or something she is good at and the student who is identified has to go to the blackboard, write his / her name and say why he / she felt identified with the thing that Dani has just said. Finally, he  has to say something he likes, and so on so far.

In my opinion, I like these game since I love playing and having fun with my friends. The objective of the game was to know more things about our friends and I learned new things of them which I didn’t know before. For example, now I know that my friend Santiago has a dog and that my friend  Flor like dancing.

When all our names were finally written in the blackboard, they made up a crossword.