I’m Malala Drawing

In our language class, our teacher told us to draw three events that had taken place in the chapters we read from the book called «I’m Malala». I did this with Vignesh Anil Manwani

1st Drawing: We drew a women school which has been bombed by the Taliban because it violates the law, as women weren’t allowed to go to school

2nd Drawing: We also drew the first time Malala sees the Taliban. She is very afraid because of their strange look and because of the specific clothing they wear

Third Drawing: The las drawing we did was Shabana’s death. Shabana was a dancer who has been killed at her house by the Taliban, when she was about to dance for them when they knocked at her door.


Our language teacher, Pilar Pando, gave us a task. She told us to write a misterious short story based on the extracts of the stories we had already read: «Flying Upside Down» and «The Ehile Town’s Sleeping»  We had to use the same language techniques in order to transmit that fear to the reader. I had done this activity with Silvestre Braun and with Martina Ibarbia. We hope you like it!


It is a gloomy night. It is raining heavily. The house is quiet. No one is inside. The rain speeds all over the wall and the dribble sound is the only one heard. Suddenly, I hear another noise. The door cracking. I don’t know what to do. I am alone! I am desperate! Who is there if I am the only one inside the house? I can not resist it any more! I have to go to investigate what that noise is. God please save me! I know I will regret about my actions, but my curiosity won over my mind. I deserve to know what that noise is though I… I’m scared!

Writing on «The Gold Cadillac»

Writing task n2: Write a diary entry based on ‘The Gold Cadillac’ from mom’s point of view. Remember she is well aware of danger/segregation in the south. You should reflect Mom’s concerns.


Diary Entry:

Dear Diary,

I am very nervous and frustrated. I am having more tense situations with William than the usual. We are constantly disagreeing. The worst part of it, is that I’m the only one who is aware of the consequences that those problems caused. William does not get a thing.

To start with the issues, William drove our humble family near bankrupt as he spent our savings ìn a new Gold Cadillac. I just do not get it. We used to have a Mercury that worked perfectly good. It was not even a year old! Now our opportunity to live in a new and comfortable house is gone.

Yesterday, he told me he was going to Mississippi to visit his parents. Is he crazy? It would be more safety to put a loaded gun to his head than going to the South, where discrimination against black people remains. White people hate us due to the fact of just being coloured. If my husband goes to that racist area, he would be dead by the following day. Every two weeks, at least 5 Lynch’s took place. I can’t allow William going to the South in such an expensive car by his own. It’s too risky. If he goes, we are all going then, because the most important thing in life is to maintain our family together.  

Racism in the 1950s and in the 1960s

In our language class, Pilar gave as a task which consisted in looking up  information about the racism and the discrimination towards black people during the 1950s and the 1960s. Afterwards we had to make a timeline in groups. I did mine with Lola Argento and Victoria Landolfo.


Crime Writing

Pilar told us to do a crime writing. The task was the following: Imagine you have been convicted to a crime. Write a diary entry explaining why you were forced to commit the crime and how you feel about it. Use at least 5 of the terms learnt in connection with crimes and the legal system.



Diary Entry

Our language teacher, Pilar Pando, told us to write two diary entries about a short story we read. We had to write the first entry as if we were the kid’s parents (we have to say that he was an angel), and in the other one, we had to write it as if we were the teacher (we have to describe the kid as if he was an evil gorila). Hope you like it!


Writing Task

Our language teacher gave us a task: Do some research on the Island of Stradbroke and the tribes there. Then imagine you are one of the kids in kill to eat and write a diary entry describing your experience living there and the poor conditions you live in. Hope you like my writing!