«An Inspector Calls» questions

Today, in our literature class, my group and me answered the questions (15 to 20) from the book «An Inspector Calls». My group are Sybilla Correa Perkins, Elena Persic, Flor Claps and me. Here is our poster and the ones of my classmates!

Questions 1 to 5 Martina Ibarbia, Rosario Vago & Rosario Segura


Questions 3 to 7 Federika Marty & Silvestre Braun


Questions 6 to 10 Victoria Landolfo, Lola Argento & Ines Galmarini


Questions 12 to 17 María Roggero, Milagros Montanelli & Margarita Muller

12-17 (part 1)12-17 (part 2)

Questions 15 to 20 My group

A New Design

Questions 19 to 23 Ignacio Maestro, Benjaím Mayol, Jerónimo Leguizamon & Santiago Blasco


Questions 24 to 27 Fransisco Lusso & Otto Kreutser



«An Inspector Calls» by J.B. Priestly

In our literature class, we are reading a play called «An Inspector Calls» by J.B. Priestly. Our homework was to write the description of the people who where in the book.

Names Descriptions:

Mr. Arthur Birling: (Father)

  • Interested on money, he was a business man
  • He fired Eva Smith from his company, since she was one of the 5 people who started a strike wishing a better salary

Mrs. Sybil Birling: (Mother)

Sheila Birling: (Daughter)

  • Compared the same thought with Eric about the trouble with Alton and Eva Smith

Eric Birling: (Son)

  • He likes drinking

Gerald Croft: (Sheila’s future husband)

  • Sheila’s and Gerald’s «love» was a little bit an arrangement, since Gerald form part of the upper class (like the Birlings), so if they were married, Mr. Arthur was going to have more money.

Inspector Goole

  • Very Ironic

Eva Smith

  • She committed suicide

2 years before…

  • She worked in Mr. Birling’s company
  • She was fired since she was one of the 5 persons who started a strike asking for more money
  • She live 2 months in a very bad situation (with out a job) and no one could help her since she didn’t have parents (they had died), she didn’t have many friends, etc.
  • She change her name
  • She was lucky, she found a job in a clothing shop were the higher classes buy cloth (where Sheila goes)
  • She was fired since one consumer (Sheila) complained