Racism in the 1950s and in the 1960s

In our language class, Pilar gave as a task which consisted in looking up  information about the racism and the discrimination towards black people during the 1950s and the 1960s. Afterwards we had to make a timeline in groups. I did mine with Lola Argento and Victoria Landolfo.


Crime Writing

Pilar told us to do a crime writing. The task was the following: Imagine you have been convicted to a crime. Write a diary entry explaining why you were forced to commit the crime and how you feel about it. Use at least 5 of the terms learnt in connection with crimes and the legal system.



Diary Entry

Our language teacher, Pilar Pando, told us to write two diary entries about a short story we read. We had to write the first entry as if we were the kid’s parents (we have to say that he was an angel), and in the other one, we had to write it as if we were the teacher (we have to describe the kid as if he was an evil gorila). Hope you like it!


Writing Task

Our language teacher gave us a task: Do some research on the Island of Stradbroke and the tribes there. Then imagine you are one of the kids in kill to eat and write a diary entry describing your experience living there and the poor conditions you live in. Hope you like my writing!


Full Stop Writing

Our language teacher told us to write a writing about full stop. The task was the following one: Imagine you are Carmen’s mother. Write a letter to Carmen explaining to her the absence of all these years (150-180 words). Add three reporting sentences.


Famous Quotes

Our language teacher gave us a task. It consisted in searching for famous people’s quotes and then write them using reported speech. I chose three quotes: one from Martin Luther King Jr.; another one from William Shakespeare; and the last one from Mother Teresa. Hope you like it!


Reported Speech

In our language class we learned reported speech. However, our teacher told Federika Marty, Gonzalo Criniti and me to prepare a presentation explaining introdutory verbs. We explained the four types of introductory verbs there could be, we gave examples about them and finally we prepared an activity to practiced this. Hope you like it!