Poem «The Orange Juice»

After reading the poem «Orange Juice», by Michael Rosen, Dani, our writing & oral teacher told us to do a new poem. The «Orange Juice» poem was about a man whose oranje juice was stolen. So he made a plan and he took revenge of the man who was stealing his juice. Our task was to write a poem from the point of view of the man who was stealing the orange juice. I wrote it with Rosario Segura.


I go to church meetings

on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Where I bring some drinks,

while others some food.

And we eat this meal,

in the afternoon.


I don’t have enough money

to buy those drinks,

so I nick them

from the building that is next to me.


So I go to the meeting

and I share it with my friends,

we are all very happy

until that day.


I took a carton of orange juice

from the people at Number 11,

as I usually do,

but when my partners drank it,

they threw up all over the room.

Splash! Yuk!


That was the moment

when I realized,

that stealing something

was very bad.


The people at Number 11

were paying the juice

which I was drinkg.

Oh! Oh!


I felt very sorry

for the next few weeks,

so I decided to give them

an amazing gift.


Next Monday I’m goin to Number 11

and I’ll give them ten cartons of orange juice

Ha Ha…

But first I am going to make a change,

instead of juice,

there will be snakes.

Oh Yeah!


After writing our poem, we had to record it!

My own voice thread:

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